1.1       PHILOSOPHY

The PGD programme in Marketing is designed to prepare graduates with some deficiencies to fit adequately into higher Marketing programmes, and also to expose them to business administration and functions that equip them for self employment and to fill middle and senior level managerial positions.


1.2       OBJECTIVES

The objectives of the PGD programme of the Department of Marketing are to:

  1. Expose students to fundamental courses in marketing needed for advanced M.Sc in marketing programme.
  2. Teach students the process of investigative science needed to explore theoretical and practical problems in marketing.
  • Update students with deficient knowledge in the field of marketing and other cognate business courses needed to understand and analyze marketing problems in a professional manner.



1.3       SCOPE

The PGD in Marketing programme requires a minimum of 30 credit units made up as follows:

  • Ten core courses (2credits each) 20 units
  • Three courses from area of concentration (2 credits each) 6 units
  • Research Project 4 units
  • Total 30 units




The mode of study for a PGD in Marketing is by course work and project report.




The minimum and maximum duration of a PGD programme in Marketing shall be:

Full-time Diploma:  Two (2) semesters.



The fee shall be N110,000 for the one-year period.



The Postgraduate Diploma programme prepares students to fill middle and senior level management positions in business, commerce, industry, and government. With their education and training they can set up their own business since the programme also emphasizes self-employment.





  1. Marketing Communications
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Sales Management
  5. Distribution Management
  6. International Marketing
  7. Consumer Behaviour
  8. Product Planning and Development



Foundation Courses                                                                            0

Product Planning and Development                                                   1

Marketing Communications                                                               2

Physical Distribution and Supply Chain Management                       3

Food and Agricultural Marketing                                                       4

Consumers Behaviour                                                                        5

International Marketing                                                                      6

Marketing Theory and Management                                                  7

Service Marketing                                                                              8

Research/Project                                                                                 9





Course Code Course Title                           Credit Units

ACC 701                     Principles of Accounting                                2

BAF 721                     Principles of Finance                                      2

BAF 731                     Principles of Micro Economics                      2

MAN 701                    Principles of Management                              2

MAN 711                    Quantitative Techniques                                 2

MKT 701                    Fundamentals of Marketing                            2

MKT 771                    Research Methodology                                   2

                                    Total Unit                   14





Course Code              Course Title                                                   Credit Units

BAF 732                     Principles of Macro Economics                                  2

MAN 726                    Business Statistics                                                      2

MKT 772                    Introduction to Marketing Management                     2

MKT 792                    Research Project                                                         4






MKT 722                    Introduction to Sales Management                                         2

MKT 752                    Introduction to Consumer Behaviour                                                 2

MKT 762                    Introduction to International Marketing                                 2

MKT 772                    Introduction to Marketing Research                                       2

MKT776                     Introduction to Strategic Marketing Management                  2

Total Units                                                                             16

            Grand Total Units                                                                 30




MKT 701        Fundamentals of Marketing                                                            2 units

Meaning and Definition of Marketing, Basic Marketing Concepts, Marketing Evolution and Practices, Buyer Behaviour and Marketing Segmentation, Introduction to Marketing Research, Introduction to International Marketing.


MKT 722        Introduction to Sales Management                                                 2 units

Principles of Selling; Sales management; Evolution of Sales Management; Major tasks of Sales Management; Determining Sales Policies and Strategies; Sales Forecasting.


MKT 752        Introduction to Consumer Behaviour                                            2 units

Introduction to Consumer Behaviour, Attitude and Consumer Behabiour, ConsumerBehaviour and Communication, Determinants of Consumer Behaviour, Consumer’s Buying Decision Process, Psychology in Industrial Marketing.


MKT 762        Introduction to International Marketing

Concept of Psychic Distance, International Marketing Policies and Strategies, International Marketing Environment, Globalization and International Marketing, E- Commerce and InternationalMarketing.


MKT 771        Research Methodology                                                                     2 units

Introduction to Research Methodology, Research in Social Sciences, Research in Physical and Natural Sciences, Problems of Research in Developing Countries, Common Error in Research, Research in Practice.

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Literature Review
  3. Material and Methods (Methodology)
  4. Results (Data Analysis)
  5. Discussions
  6. Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

Report Writing: Students shall be given assignments and surveys to be conducted using ICT applications & Tool I-E Survey Monkey etc, in order to create survey, event planning, sharing surveys and making use of available templates.


MKT 772        Introduction to Marketing Management                           2 units

Basic principles of management with regard to the marketing function; marketing planning, analysis, implementation and control; designing marketing strategies in relation to the relevant environment; total quality management and the marketing function; management of the marketing – mix elements.


MKT 774        Introduction to Marketing Research                                              2 units

Application of analytical tools to marketing management problems, including markets, goods/services, channels of distribution for goods and service, promotional campaigns, pricing decisions, scientific process in the conceptualization of marketing problem, collection and analysis of data/information, interpretation and reporting or data/information of marketing problems and/or solve them.


MKT  776      Introduction to Strategic Marketing Management                       2 units

Foundation of Strategic Marketing, Strategic Marketing Management Process, opportunity analysis and market targeting, case analysis in marketing management, environment for strategic marketing management decision.


MKT 792        Research Project                                                                               4 units

On completion of course work, students would write a project based on a particular area of specialization in Marketing for the fulfilment of the requirements for the programme.