1.1       PHILOSOPHY

The MBA in marketing programme has been designed to equip postgraduate students with advanced marketing knowledge and practical approaches for corporate advancement.


1.2       OBJECTIVES

The specific objectives of the programme are:

  1. To expose students to fundamental courses in marketing needed for advanced MBA in marketing programme.


  1. To provide students the opportunity of obtaining practical knowledge to solve marketing problems in business.


  • To update students with knowledge in the field of marketing and other cognate business courses needed to understand and analyze marketing problems.


1.3       SCOPE

The MBA in Marketing programme requires a minimum of 72 credit units made up as follows:

  • 16 core courses (3 credits each) 48 units
  • 6 elective courses (3 credits each) 18 units

Each (chosen as area of specialization)

  • MBA project of 6 credits 6 units

Total                                                                                       72 units



The mode of study for the MBA degree programme in Marketing shall be course work, on-the-job training, graduate seminar and project report.


1.5       DURATION             

The minimum and maximum duration of an MBA programme in Marketing shall be:

  • Full-time: Four (4) semesters.
  • Part-time: Five (5) semesters.



The fee shall be N110,000 per session.



The MBAprogramme prepares students to fill middle and senior level management positions in business, commerce, industry and government. With their education and training they can set up their own business since the programme also emphasizes self-employment and consultancy in Marketing Research, Marketing Communications, etc.



  1. Marketing Communications
  2. Marketing Management
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Sales Management
  5. Distribution Management
  6. International Marketing
  7. Consumer Behaviour
  8. Project Planning and Development



Foundation Courses                                                               0

Product Planning and Development                                      1

Marketing Communications                                                  2

Physical Distribution and Supply Chain Management          3

Food and Agricultural Marketing                                          4

Consumer Behaviour                                                             5

International Marketing                                                         6

Marketing Theory and Management                                     7

Service Marketing                                                                 8

Research/Project                                                                    9






COURSE Code                     Course Title                                                   Credit Units

BAF 811                                Corporate Finance                                                      3

MAN 811                               Quantitative Methods for Management                      3

MAN 812                               Operations Management                                             3

MKT 821                               ICT Management                                                        3

MKT 871                               Research Methodology                                               3

MKT 873                               Strategic Marketing Management                              3

Total Units                                                                 18

­­SECOND SEMESTERS                 


Course Code                         Course Title                                       Credit Units

BAF 831                                Environment of Business                                3

MAN 853                               Business Law                                                  3

MAN 874                               Organizational Behaviour                               3

MKT 872                               The One-the Job Project                                 3

                                               Total Units                                                     12






Course Code                    Course Title                                           Credit Units

BAF 833                            Managerial Economics                                        3

MAN 803                          Introduction to General Management                 3

MAN 843                          Human Resource Management                           3

MAN 884                          Corporate Strategy                                              3

MAN 875                          Entrepreneurship                                                 3

MKT 875                           Graduate Seminar                                                3

Total Units                                                         18




Elective (students are to choose 6 courses)


Course Code                    Course Title                                                       Credit Units

MKT 814                           Product Planning and Development                                3

MKT 822                           Pricing Policies                                                               3

MKT 824                           Advertising Management                                                3

MKT 852                           Consumer Behaviour                                                      3

MKT 854                           Industrial Marketing                                                        3

MKT 862                           International Marketing                                                  3

MKT 874                           Marketing Research                                                        3

MKT 876                           Marketing Thought                                                         3

MKT 892                           Project                                                                             6

Total Units                                                                     30









MKT 814       Product Planning and Development (PPD)                        (3 units)

Issues involved in the Development and Introduction of New Products, Management of existing products, Positioning, screening; concept testing and development of new products.


MKT 821       ICT Management (ICM)                                                      (3 units)

Uses of computers in Problem Solving, Application of Computers to the Solution of simulations; Pre-Test Market models, Product rollout, Diffusion of innovations, product life cycle and branding strategies.


MKT 822       Pricing Policy (PP)                                                                (3 units)

Pricing quality issues, price dealing policies, multi-plant pricing, peak load pricing, franchising, resale price maintenance, competitive bidding, new product pricing, product line pricing, the marketing mix.


MKT 824       Advertising Management                                                     (3 units)

Introduction to advertising, advertising and society, marketing tools, role and functions of advertising, advertising planning and positioning: advertising message, advertising budget, advertising reach, pre-placement evaluation, working of advertising, advertising response hierarchy models, problem solving strategies, consumer behaviour, creativity in advertising, copy writing, methods to appreciate a problem, important tools of advertising: online advertising, sales, promotion, publicity, marketing environment, marketing plan, how to be a good client, client-agency relationship, advertising without an agency, newspaper, advertising, other advertising media, utility of various media, continuous tracking, seasonal advertising, components of advertising: criticism on advertising, effect of advertising, creating effective design, worksheets, concept of an advertisement.



MKT 852       Consumer Behaviour                                                            (3 units)

Basic factors influencing consumer behaviour, managerial use of consumer decision making models, buyers behaviour modeling from both economics and behavioural sciences, consumer information processing, stochastic brand device models, risk taking and market segmentation.


MKT 854       Industrial Marketing                                                            (3 units)

Marketing problems unique to the industrial marketing, management of the sales force, optimal allocation across product lines, customers and sales territories, industrial consumer, pricing advertising in an industrial setting.


MKT 862       International Marketing                                                      (3 units)

International strategies, special goals, decision making process across several countries, selection of entry strategies for foreign markets, comparative marketing arrangements, covers factors, which need to be recognized by international marketing managers in analyzing markets covering foreign operations, and in assessing economic, cultural and political aspects of international markets.


MKT 871       Research Methods                                                                 (3 units)

Nature of scientific research, theory building and concept definition, hypothesis formulation, sampling methods, nature and sources of data, concept and problems in data collection and sampling, data analytical techniques, analyzing research reports and referencing style, validity and reliability, measurement and scaling methods, criteria for casual inferences, studies and control groups , report writing including editing, foot noting.


MKT 872       The On-the Job Project                                                        (3 units)

The on-the job project is a twelve-week programme spent observing a manager in challenging situation and reporting on what students observed and learned.


MKT 873       Strategic Marketing Management                                      (3 units)

Perspectives and Problems of marketing management in a multi-product  firm, concept of strategic marketing, application of strategic planning to business units and functional areas of marketing, utilization of current marketing strategy, models as aids in strategy formulation, decision processes for product planning, pricing, promotion, distribution and competitive strategy.


MKT 874       Marketing Research                                                             (3 units)

Application of scientific methods in the study and analysis of marketing activities, research designs, data collection methods, sampling techniques, data analysis methods, measurement scales, interpretation and presentation of marketing research result.



MKT 876       Marketing Thought                                                              (3 units)

Contemporary marketing issues and thoughts as expressed by economist, marketers, educators, consumers and consumer advocates, historical views as well as practical marketing problems of developing countries, factors militating against the development of efficient and effective marketing systems in developing countries and possible solution.


MKT 892       Project                                                                                    (6 units)

On completion of coursework, students would write a project based on a particular area of specialization in Marketing for the fulfillment of the requirements for the program.