1.1      Philosophy


The Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) programme is designed to create opportunities and challenges for business-oriented candidates to attain the highest level of their potentials in professional practice of business. The programme is aimed at producing highly competent and qualified business administrative doctorates capable of assuming senior leadership roles in public and private sectors of the economy. It will sharpen their professional knowledge from varying perspectives. They are also given broad-based orientation that will enable them to function maximally in application of their knowledge and skills in the business environment for which they are being prepared.


1.2      Objectives

The Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) programme is designed to provide specialised education and training for high level business managers. It requires general familiarity with crucial knowledge of the various segments in the business administration discipline. Candidates may be interested in investigating their peculiar organizational challenges and finding solutions to them. A successful completion of the programme requires an ability to make full and intensive use of relevant concepts, tools and ability to communicate these to other people for the advancement of businesses and organizations.


1.3      Scope

The Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) programme cuts across various areas in business and industry. Students will complete relevant sessions of practical case analysis in business related areas in addition to case thesis writing.


1.4      Admission is done twice in a year: March/April and September/October



1.5      Mode of Study

The mode of study for the Executive Doctor of Business Administration (EDBA) programme shall be by organisational case studies, seminar presentations and case thesis reports.


1.6      Duration

The duration for the DBA programme shall be six (6) semesters – 3 years.

Students are, however, expected to be on campus for revision a week before relevant semester examinations.



1.7      Employment Opportunities

The Executive Doctor of Business Administration (Executive DBA) programme prepares students to improve professionalism in business practices and entrepreneurship development. The programme equally trains them to fill senior level management positions in business, commerce, industry, and government. With their education and training, they can set up their own businesses since the programme also emphasizes self-employment and consultancy.


1.8      Fee Structure

The fees is N500,000 per semester for six (6) semesters – (three years).




Course Code                         Course Title                                                              Unit Load


First Semester

EDB 933                                Seminar Presentations on Banking and Finance                3

EDB 935                                Seminar Presentations on Management related issues     3


Second Semester

EDB 931                                Seminar Presentations on Accounting issues                3

EDB 937                                Seminar Presentations on Marketing related issues      3


Third Semester

EDB 926                                Case Studies and Analysis in Accounting                            3

EDB 922                                Case Studies and Analysis in Banking and Finance           3


Fourth Semester

EDB 924                                Case Studies and Analysis in Marketing                              3

EDB 920                                Case Studies and Analysis in Management                         3



Fifth Semester

EDB 915                                Advanced Research Methods in all Business Areas (Accounting,

Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing)         6


Sixth Semester

EDB 990                                Case Thesis (in any Business Area of Students’ Interest)  4


TOTAL                                                                                                                                    34                                                                                                      



EDB 931        Seminar Presentations on Accounting Issues                                (3units)

Contemporary issues on the effective use of accounting and auditing information in business operations.


EDB 933        Seminar Presentations on Banking and Finance                            (3units)

Contemporary issues on activities of banks and other financial institutions.


EDB 935        Seminar Presentations in Management related Issues                 (3units)

Contemporary issues on the smooth operations of business organisations in the 21st century and beyond.


EDB 937        Seminar Presentations in Marketing related Issues                      (3units)

Contemporary issues on value chain marketing.


EDB 920        Case Studies and Analysis on Management                                    (3units)

Varied cases on general management of business organisations.


EDB 922        Case Studies and Analysis in Banking and Finance                       (3 units)

Varied cases on activities of banking and financial institutions.


EDB 924        Case Studies and Analysis in Marketing Organisations                 (3 units)

Varied cases on Strategic Innovation in Globally Diverse Markets


EDB 926        Case Studies and Analysis in Accounting                                        (3 units)

Varied cases on accounting and auditing firms.


EDB 915        Applied Research Methods in all Business Areas (Accounting,

Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing)                     (3units)

Applied Application of Scientific Methods in the Study and Analysis of Business Activities; Research Designs; Data Collection Methods; Sampling techniques; Data Analysis Methods, Measurement Scales; Interpretation and Presentation of Business Research Results; Applications of Research in Business Problem-Solving of Accounting, Banking and Finance, Management and Marketing


EDB 990        Case Thesis (in any Business Area of Student’s Interest)              (6 units)

Candidate is required to write a case thesis on an approved topic. There will be oral defense of the thesis before an external examiner.